Day 11 – January 5, 2024- EPIEVE™!

Today’s craft is a celebration of EpiEve! EpiEve is a new way to celebrate an old tradition- basically, the off switch to the holiday season. So today, we enjoy our public holiday lights until 9 PM, enjoy meetings with family and friends to get a last use from our decorations, do a rundown of the holidays and how wonderful they were, then discuss our goals and excitement for 2024. The holidays were amazing but they need to have an end date to stay special.

On EpiEve, we celebrate the end of the holidays. On January 6, we take everything down and put it away. It’s said to be bad luck not to (and we aren’t risking it this early in the new year!)

You can find out more about EpiEve on 🙂

As always, Epiphany Calendars® are designed to be completed with the help of an adult. Elements could be dangerous to children!

One of the symbols of EpiEve is a star so here’s our star wind chime!

  1. Open the bag and take out the pieces of the wind chime then lay them out so we can get an idea of what we’re going to be doing.

2. These are the directions that came with the kit.

3. First, decorate the star as you wish using the bonus bag paint, stickers from the bonus bag or left over from other projects, or however you choose. 🙂

4. Tie the ribbon through the top hole and tie it. Cut the silver cord into three pieces (each piece will hang one of the wind chime so it’s up to you if you want them to be equal or not). Tie one silver cord through each wind chime’s hole.

5. That’s it! You might want to sign and date the back and hang it up or give it away as a gift. You don’t need to feature EpiEve in your decorations- it’s all up to you! Enjoy the last day of the holiday season!

As always, we welcome questions, concerns, feedback, and suggestions- we’re new and we know it! Here’s our contact form 🙂