Day Five- December 30

It’s a wooden boat with a stern wheel!

As always, please note the Epiphany Calendar® is designed to be completed with the assistance of an adult. Parts of it may not be safe for children.

There’s two main routes you may choose to go with this on- a toy to use in the water OR a fun toy to paint. The paint is non-toxic paint and will likely not withstand the water well, so if you want to paint it, I wouldn’t put it into water.

If you want to experiment with the boat in water (from seeing how the prop works to time trials or races against other vehicles, etc.), that’s another option.

If you’d like to try both, do the water experiments, let it dry fully, THEN paint it.

Here’s how to put it together:

  1. Open it up and lay out the pieces. You should have a body, two prop pieces, two rubber bands, and a flagpole.

2. Make the prop by putting the two prop pieces together at the slots, put one rubber band between the posts, and slip one end of the prop through it.

3. Put the second rubber band across the posts, capturing the opposite side of the prop.

4. Turn the prop to build tension in the rubber bands and let them go to show the power captured in the rubber bands. In the water, it would move the boat forward. Outside of water, it moves a little air. 🙂

5. Place the flag in the hole and you have a boat!

(We decided to paint ours 🙂 )

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