Day Four- December 29, 2023

As always, the Epiphany Calendar is intended to be completed with the help of an adult. The bags could be choking or suffocation hazards and there are small pieces throughout. Thank you for enjoying your Epiphany Calendar!

This one is pretty easy and doesn’t really require many instructions- it’s a picture frame! Open it up, use the stickers in the day’s gift and/or the bonus bag to decorate the part with a rectangle cut out in the middle, put in a photo or drawing, and glue or tape it closed 🙂

There’s also a piece of string if you wish to tie it through the hole to hang it up somewhere.

As a bonus, you may wish to decorate the back- with the child or on their own. Perhaps ask them what they enjoyed most about the holiday season and date it.

If you want to add additional personalization, clip small pieces out of the outside edges of the frame to make it unique.

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us using our Contact Form 🙂