Please note: as with all elements of the Epiphany Calendar®, it may contain small pieces that could become a choking or other hazard to children. The bags could be an asphxiation or other hazard. These activities are designed to be completed with an adult. Enjoy!

As always, if you have any suggestions or issues with the craft or our instructions, please let us know! Constant improvement is always our goal! You can always contact us on our contact form here.

Day 1! December 26, 2023

It’s a pinwheel!

  1. Grab the bag labeled Day 1/December 26, 2023 and break the seal.

2. Lay out the components. There should be a square piece of paper, a flower-shaped piece of paper, a long, plastic stick, and a connector.

3. Punch out the holes on each corner of the square and in the middle of the square and the flower.

4. If you wish, paint, write on, put stickers on, or otherwise decorate the pinwheel square and the flower on the front and back. One side will be on the insides of the pinwheel arms, the other side will become the outsides of the pinwheel arms. The flower piece will be in the middle on top of the square piece when you’re done.

6. Remove the cap from the connector by twisting it and put it aside.

7. Put the pointy part of the connector through the back of the pinwheel and put the holes onto the pin one at a time. It works best if you put them on either clockwise or counterclockwise in order.

8. Place the small end of the cap onto the connector pin first with the flat end facing out. It’s easiest to secure it if you put the flat part on a surface and press down firmly until it clicks.

8. Insert the stick into the hole on the back of the connector.

9. Enjoy your pinwheel! Kindly note: As your beautiful new pinwheel is composed of small parts, please don’t let children play with it unattended. It could come apart and become a choking hazard.

Here are the directions that came with the craft: