Day Seven- January 1, 2024! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today’s craft is a wooden castle! I love her!

Please remember all elements of the Epiphany Calendar are designed to be completed with the help of an adult. There may be portions that are dangerous to children.

  1. Open the package and take out the pieces. You should have a base, two front/back pieces, and two side pieces.
Laid out pieces of an unpainted wooden castle

2.Slide the tabs from the side pieces to the front piece, then the back piece.

3. Wiggle all of the pieces into the base. You may have to wiggle the front or back piece out of the outside walls to get them to fit into the base, then join it back to the outside walls.

Wooden castle walls seated in the castle's base
Wooden castle walls seated in the castle’s base

4. You CAN paint it! Before or after joining the outside walls together, you can paint the castle (or color it with any other supplies you have around). I did a grown up version of this one because it looked fun so I used some of the jewels from the bonus bag in the Epiphany Calendar® and some of the leftover “diamonds” and glue to decorate the castle after I painted it. I painted on the undrawn side to get this effect.

Painted and decorated version of the wooden castle.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, please reach out through our feedback form.

May your 2024 be full of all good abundance!