Day 6- December 31, 2023 NEW YEAR’S EVE!

Something *sparkly* for New Year’s Eve- a little diamond painting project! This was my first diamond painting project so I might give too many details/tips. 🙂

As always, the Epiphany Calendar® is designed to be an activity with an adult participating with the child. There may be small parts, bags, and other elements that are not appropriate for children and could harm them. In this project, there are small parts and the applicator wand may have a sharp-ish end.

  1. Open the bag and take out the components of the kit:
    • Adhesive Canvas (Sticker with clear plastic cover)
    • Color Coded “Diamonds” (Sorted into labeled baggies)
    • Diamond Applicator 
    • Wax Pad (Used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen)
    • Diamond Tray (Shake lightly on a flat surface to set the diamonds up properly)

2. Open a packet of diamonds and pour them into the tray. Shake the tray lightly to soft the diamonds into lines with the curved part facing up (the flat part will go against the “adhesive canvas” and you’ll grab the curved part with the applicator).

3. Remove the plastic sheets over the top of the wax pad and the adhesive canvas (sticker with picture).

4. Gently press the applicator completely through the wax pad. The wax will pick up the diamonds and gently hold them until you place them on the adhesive canvas (sticker). Once you pick up a diamond, place it onto the appropriate spot on the sticker. Press the diamond firmly onto the sticker. You may need to wiggle in diamonds between other diamonds as you fill in areas.

5. As diamonds stop sticking to the applicator, just add more wax onto the applicator by pressing it completely through the wax pad.

6. Fill in each color until all of the circles are filled. If the letter in the circle is confusing (this kit had “G” on the white parts but they were the color white so I used the white diamonds). Put the extra diamonds back in the small zip lock bag in case you wish to use them on other projects (using the glue in the bonus bag).

7. The adhesive canvas (sticker) is also adhesive on the back side so you can stick it to whatever you wish or display it as is.

8. Cover the wax pad with a piece of plastic (the one the came with it or one of the bags the diamonds came in work great) and place all of the parts back into the ziplock bag for safe keeping. You can use the diamonds on other projects if you wish.

We really enjoyed this project and hope your family did, too! We discussed colors, the animal (penguin), counted the number of colors used, how to press firmly without pushing too hard and more.

If you have any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns, we’d love to hear them using our contact form! HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY 2024 BRING YOU AND YOURS EVERY GOOD KIND OF ABUNDANCE! 🙂