Day Ten!January 4, 2024

Today is something unique- a Snow Day Good Luck charm!

As always, Epiphany Calendars® are meant to be completed with an adult. Some elements may be a danger to children if misused.

  1. Take the kit out of the bag.

2. Set out the parts to see what we’re working with.

3. Take the ribbon and push it through the hole at the top using a tool (I used the top of the paintbrush from the bonus bag) then tie it. Next, use the glue from the bonus bag to attach the hat and carrot nose. The hat will cover the ribbon so it’s important you put on the ribbon first.

Finally, put a dab of glue on the front and glue down the first part of the scarf (I put something on top of it while it dried to hold it down).

4. Once the glue is dried on the first part of the scarf, put a dab of glue on the other part of the scarf and glue it down. I also put something on this to hold it down while the glue dried. Once the glue was dry, I put three dabs of glue on the body and placed the pom poms there. Let the whole thing dry and when you’re hoping for a snow day, set this guy on top of your phone at night as a good luck charm! (Or use it as a winter decoration 🙂 – I’m still fond of snow days, though!)

Here’s the completed item!

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