Day 12! January 6, 2024

We did it! It’s the last day of the Epiphany Calendar®! Yay! It’s been fun but now we are heading back to our regular schedules and activities. We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Today we get to make our own bouncy ball!! The directions in the can are excellent and work great- no need for me to add anything EXCEPT: they are serious about keeping it moist. If it dries out, it doesn’t bounce anymore.

As always, this activity is designed to be completed with the help of an adult and parts of it may not be appropriate or safe for children.

We would LOVE to have any comments, feedback, suggestions, or concerns you noted in this year’s Epiphany Calendar because (believe it or not) we are already planning for next year’s Epiphany Calendars! We are planning a kid activity option (although I think it’s been a hoot as an adult, too), a luxury bathing option, a candle option, self care, cats, dogs, adult beverages, and more! Please send us any feedback to our contact page– we’re excited about next year and grateful for this year. Thank you for enjoying it with us!

Thank you and this concludes the 2023 Epiphany Calendar season 😉