Day Two! December 27, 2023

It’s a scratch off bookmark! Today is an easy one and you might want to get a head start on tomorrow- it’s one of the biggest projects in this year’s kid craft Epiphany Calendar®. As always, the bags may be a suffocation or other hazard, the stick is pointy and isn’t safe for children to use. The activity is designed to be completed with an adult. If you have any feedback or suggestions or find a mistake, please let us know using our contact form!

  1. Open the bag labeled Day Two- December 27, 2023!

2. Take the supplies out of the bag. You’ll have a bookmark, a ribbon or cord, a stick to scratch the black covering off, and a gift tag (if you wish to use it). If the hole at the top center of the bookmark hasn’t been pushed out yet, push it out.

3. Fill out the gift tag if you wish BEFORE you stick it on the back of the bookmark. You may also wish to add the date. If you’re writing directly on the back of the bookmark, use something like a marker and use a light touch- pressing on the back can make marks on the front as well.

4. Turn the bookmark over and scratch a message into the bookmark by using the stick to draw it. The pointy end for details, and the flat end for removing larger areas of the black covering. Once removed, the black covering cannot be replaced.

5. Once completed, loop the ribbon through the hole and tie it, and you might want to put it back in the protective cover to protect the bookmark as well as whatever it touches. The black covering can be scratched off.

Each day, we’ll post the directions to the front page, newest day first. Thank you for enjoying Epiphany Calendar!