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Instructions for the 2023 Kid Craft Holiday Epiphany Calendar® can be found here.

Epiphany Calendar® is what comes AFTER ADVENT from the day after Christmas until EpiEve™- and other times when you need an Epiphany!

Wrap up the holiday season with a kid’s crafts, dog, or cat Epiphany Calendar! Each day has a handmade label, is individually wrapped, and lovingly mom-packed in a reusable shopping bag. Contact Us! Let’s Make an Epiphany Calendar™ for 2024!

Since 2022

During Christmas Break, we realized it would be awesome to have an AFTER Christmas Advent Calendar! We have more time to savor the daily habit of an Advent Calendar AFTER Christmas and also the time to better enjoy it then! Beyond the winter holiday break, Epiphany Calendars may brighten other times like spring break, summer break, new job, job loss, in sympathy, new babies, and more!

What We Do

We license use of the phrase “Epiphany Calendar” to companies and organizations that want to share their vision of an After-Christmas Advent calendar with the world as well as other times when an Epiphany may be called for! Epiphany Calendars are what comes after Advent Calendars- and whenever you’re looking for a daily self care ritual.

As experts on Advent-style calendars, we also review Advent and Advent-style calendars and provide public or private feedback (as agreed).

Why Are Epiphany Calendars Awesome?

*IDEAL holiday gift for December holidays (Epiphany Calendars don’t start until December 26!)

*Help make memories for families and individuals.

*Encourage self care, learning, and gratitude.

*Make an aimless (for many) period of the year brighter.

*Provide a clear end to the holiday period and exciting start to the new year!

*Perfect for any time!

Make the Holiday Season Even Brighter! Get an Epiphany Calendar!