What is an Epiphany Calendar™?
It’s an Advent Calendar for December 26 until EpiEve™, when we wrap up the holiday season and dance into the new year on January 7th with great memories, self care, and plans for wowing in the new year!

How are Epiphany Calendars™ better than an Advent Calendar?
We love Advent calendars! But the time when we personally need a little boost is after Christmas. The time before it is so busy and bustling and conspiring to build excitement and joy, we find ourselves needing and having time to enjoy a daily gift AFTER Christmas more than before Christmas. Plus, you can give Holiday Season Epiphany Calendars AS gifts during the month of December, whereas Advent Calendars are more difficult to make a holiday gift because they start on December 1st.

Are Epiphany Calendars™ just for Christians?
Absolutely not. They are for everyone!

Is this a religious holiday?
Epiphany is a time on some Christian calendars that celebrates the time period when the Wise Men saw the Star of David in the sky on Christmas Day and went in search of the Christ child. On January 6th, they found Him. Given how lonely and sad so many of us can be, especially during the holidays, we think that bringing sparks of hope, seeking, renewal, reflection, celebration, and refreshment – as well as any epiphanies- is in the spirit of the holiday. For those who are perfectly happy but just want to create memories, indulge in self-care, or learn something, we still believe that seeking is in the spirit of Epiphany!

Where can I buy an Epiphany Calendar™?
We will list them here! Ask your favorite companies to contact us to help create their own Epiphany Calendars!

Do you review Epiphany Calendars™?

Absolutely! And Advent Calendars as well 🙂

I’m an individual or company who wants to sell Epiphany Calendars with my goods and/or services- how can I license “Epiphany Calendar™?
Email us!

If a team or brand has an Advent Calendar, we’d love to see its Epiphany Calendar™ come into being! Our team can help with:
-Licensing “Epiphany Calendar™”
-Visioning the contents, theme, packaging, distinctive elements, etc.
-Reviewing your team’s finished Epiphany Calendar™ and helping to publicize it on this site.