Let’s Wrap Up the Holiday Season with Planned Awesomeness- An Epiphany Calendar!

Epiphany Calendars™ help make your every days, vacations, occasions, and difficulties better by adding daily gift, activity, craft, etc. to give you a little dopamine hit and break from screen time. We are starting with the period of December 26 (the day after Christmas) until EpiEve™. (EpiEve™ is the official ending to the holiday season and occurs during the first week of the new year.)

Our plan is to have Epiphany Calendars available all year for all occasions and life events with gifts, crafts, and activities to enjoy, celebrate, learn, destress and de-guilt that are made and sold by our partner companies. If you wish to make an Epiphany Calendar at YOUR business, please reach out! We are looking for partners for the holiday season for 2024 and beyond!

Occasions and events that are perfect for an Epiphany Calendar:

•Holiday school breaks

•School breaks


•New job

•New home

•Wedding countdown


•New baby



•Job loss

In addition, we also offer our marketing expertise on social media, PR/marketing, and innovation to clients around the Nation.

Have an idea we missed? Have a great idea for how we can help YOU? Please reach out!

The Idea

The period after Christmas until the EpiEve™ has long been called “Epiphany” and it inspired an Epiphany for us! Advent calendars are great but there are so many times throughout the year that call for a pause for reflection, memories, inspiration, gratitude, self care, planning your year, and more with a daily gift, activity, craft, etc. The period AFTER Christmas is just such a period (but we’re planning to add more as we grow!)

Business Model

We license use of our trademarks on “Epiphany Calendar” to companies and organizations that wish to build a post-Christmas advent-type calendars- or other advent-type calendars throughout the year for a variety of occasions. We will also review Epiphany Calendars and Advent Calendars of all kinds on our sites.

We are a small, stay home mom-owned business excited to brighten the holiday season and beyond- and help people create more memories and enhance self care.