Packing and Shipping Epiphany Calendars®

We are in the heat of wrapping, labeling, decorating, and shipping out our 2023 Epiphany Calendars! The first year ever for us has been exciting and a “year in review” is definitely upcoming but for now… busy busy busy!

You can now order Epiphany Calendars for your dog, cat, or kid (of all ages- I’m excited to do the crafts) on Etsy at

Here are some BTS (behind the scenes) photos of the work that goes into each one. Some crafts are pre-packaged but most needed to be put into individual kits by hand, then of course each is hand wrapped, hand labeled, and hand packaged, all with much love and many good wishes for the buyer and recipient.

Image of individually wrapped and labeled gifts ready for packing.
Black nylon bag with individually wrapped and labeled gifts spilling out
Paint pots, glue sticks, stickers, and wrapped and labeled packages about to be placed into the final Epiphany Calendar bag!